5 Best Quadcopters For Kids in 2022 🎉

Are you searching for the best drones for your kids? This guide includes the 5 best drones for kids with strong remote control and outstanding features to help you buy at the best price. Here’s a list that includes drones from Amazon. So If you like buying, do not hesitate. But, before that consider important features to choose the best among many.

1. Kii Toy Pioneer Drone RC QuadCopter with HD Camera

Here’s the Kii’s drone for kids with a high-resolution camera. This helo quad-sized 1.25″×12.5″ has outstanding flying capacity and flexibility in actions. Therefore it Captures your heart and eye with an elite outlook, strong motors, and tried-and-true performance. Offers adjustable unique sphere shape to tilt up and down. It is one of the 5 best drones for kids.


  • 4GB Mini SD memory card
  • HD camera with a 2MP 720p
  • Removable camera
  • Best quadcopter for beginners
  • Easy to handle for all levels of skills
  • Powerful remote control with 2.4Ghz
  • Accurate control over long-range
  • Easily repairable damage
  • One-touch to return
  • Touch the home key to recall the drone where it took off
  • Fixed Altitude Flight
  • Automatic sensor to lock altitude to ensure extremely stable flight
  • HD video capture resolution
  • Play outdoor & indoor
  • Stable with wind and holds altitude
  • US warranty against all manufacturer’s defect
  • Removable camera for upgrade
  • Not waterproof
  • Short battery life (according to some buyers )

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2.   Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter 2.4G

Potensic offers an Upgraded 2.4G Mini Drone sized 3.5″×1.25″ with 2 extra packed batteries. It is beginner and kids friendly and comes with a good indoor remote control toy. Keys for all functions- take-off, landing altitude hold, emergency stop, and more- make it simple for kids and parents to play and race.


  • Stable transmission performance
  • Strong signalling
  • 2.4GHz Remote control
  • Altitude hold
  • Set height makes its flight stable in the air
  • Clearer direction turning
  • Headless Mode
  • Under headless mode, fly the drone in any direction
  • Easy take off
  • Press one button to take off
  • Fast and easy learning
  • Speed Adjustment
  • 3 adjustable speeds to meet your operation proficiency.
  • Low power alarm
  • Transmitter makes “beep” sound and LED flashes once and powers off for 1s
  • Low battery reminder
  • Battery covered with the locked plastic cover, safe for kid’s operation.
  • Battery protection control
  • Multiple speeds
  • Kids under 8 years can choke uninflated or broken balloons.
  • No camera

3.   Force1 UFO 400 Mini Drone

Here comes Force1’s mini drone, UFO 400, equipped with smart characteristics. It is extremely user-friendly- having a headless mode for toy drone orientation to ensure easy learning for beginners of all ages. It has 4 full-frame LED lights to glow in the dark during flight.


  • Control UFO drone to keep hovering at a certain height
  • Altitude Hold to set a height
  • Light mini remote control
  • Small remote control zips and zooms in just 2 seconds
  • Flips 360° with a touch of a button
  • One button to start or stop
  • Click one button to take off /land.
  • Race multiple UFO drones
  • To race with multiple UFO drones, use 4-channel remote transmitter
  • Created with 4 stout propeller guards to prevent its blades from damage during flight
  • Protection from damage
  • Set to a certain height to stay in sight
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • battery time- 7 to 9 min
  • Charging time- 70-85 min
  • RC toys need 10 min rest before charging/playing.

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4.   Force1 Scoot LED Hand Operated Drone

One more by Force1, this Scoot LED drone is an exciting hand-operated flyer with glowing lights. It’s made for indoor flying zones and ensures safety with a durable shell to bounce back from crashes, in addition, emanates vibrant red, blue and white LED lights.


  • No remote control
  • Hand gesture control to change directions in danger
  • Gently toss in the air to launch
  • 360° flips
  • Placing hands on both sides, lights start blinking rapidly, swipe a hand under it, it performs 360° flips.
  • Multiplayer games
  •  Play with family and friends, anywhere (indoor zone)
  • Easy to fly
  • Fun time for kids with this self-flying toy
  • All kinds of pilot-friendly
  • Quality and safety assurance
  • Sure to thrill you. If not, it is refundable
  • A complete package
  • LED Scoot Hands-free Auto Drone
  • USB recharging cable
  • Mini screwdriver
  • User Manual
  • Charge time- 50 min
  • Flight time- 8 min non-stop
  • Needs rest 10 min after charging and before flying

5.   YepYes UFO Drone Mini RC

Here we have a mini UFO drone by YepYes with flexibility and free control. No remote, instead operate with hands to take in air and bring to the ground. It’s made of bouncy ABS stuff designed to resist any damage after falling.

Just like many others, it has altitude hold and a rechargeable battery using a USB charging cable. With sensors at the bottom, this flying gadget flies high when it encounters any obstacles.


  • Portable toy for kids to carry anytime, anywhere
  • Light and miniGold star electronic drone
  • Smart golden drone with built-in LED lights
  • Robust texture with UV sprays and no paint
  • Throw in air
  • Throw away in the air to take off
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjust speed to slow or fast
  • Collision avoidance
  • Multi-person control
  • Multiple players can enjoy themselves together
  • Protective lock function
  • Stops in hazard to prevent motor or edge damage
  • Auto-power off
  • When the battery is fully charged, it automatically turns off to preserve the battery.
  • Charging time- 30 min only
  • Flight time- 5-8 min
  • Free USB charging line
  • Non-returnable(depends from where you buy)

Which Drones you should buy for kids?

Each drone in the list offers some flexible features and specifications for kids to rejoice in their playtime. Most are user-friendly, but their operations vary from one another. Kii toy drone is the one that accommodates an outstanding resolution camera while others in the list offer no such element.

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy drone to get started with, either Force1 UFO or YepYes UFO drone will work for you. Kids drones with an altitude hold can be the best ones to choose, however, Force1 Scoot LED has no set heights. Nevertheless, the best thing about it is the quality assurance so if you are not okay with it after purchasing, it’s refundable.

Moreover, Protensic Upgraded A20 is a package of lots of different features-  2 packed batteries, all task keys, particularly I like its low battery indication. In a word, your buying decision depends on what you are looking for.

Consider the list, go through the features and finally make a purchase. All the best for your next purchase!

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