Best OTG Cables for DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is the smallest and cheapest drone to feature obstacle avoidance. While that’s an amazing safety net for new pilots, it also makes the drone a little harder to control when in ‘headless’ mode (flying forward relative to your controller).

My solution? Build an OTG cable; using Bluetooth might work, but you’re very limited in how far away you can fly. And, once you hit the maximum distance with OTG controls, you’ll find there are no channels left for your phone or tablet!

(Why not use wifi? The big problem is encryption: Wifi security is hard to even on larger drones that have powerful CPUs. Without encryption, everyone would be able to fly your drone!)

With OTG cable, you can fly the Spark up to 100 feet away, and still have complete control. The cable even charges the drone while it’s flying!

There are a few different otg cables out there, but I’ve found the best one is this one from Amazon. It’s cheap (less than $10), durable, and works with any device that has otg support.

If you’re looking for the best otg cable for your DJI Spark, I recommend checking out this one from Amazon. It’s cheap, durable, and works with any device that has otg support.

Happy flying!

Q: Will the OTG Cable work with a Tablet?

A: Yes, any android tablet that supports otg will work. Q: Will the OTG Cable still connect to my device if two or more cables are attached to each other? A: In terms of functionality, no. In order for it to function you must have only one cable connected at a time.

Q: Does this USB cable require software or drivers?

A: No, it does not need any additional software or drivers. The DJI Spark OTG update procedure is designed for smartphones and tablets without requiring any special software tools on MacOS and Windows 10/8/7 PCs.

Q: Does this USB cable only work with Android devices?

A: No, it can be used with all USB OTG enabled devices including smartphones and tablets manufactured by any vendor.

Q: Can this OTG cable charge my DJI Spark?

A: Yes! The OTG cable allows you to both updates your drone firmware and also charge the batteries of the aircraft at the same time.

Q: Other than updating my DJI Spark, can I use this OTG Cable for anything else?

A: Yes! You can also plug in any USB-compatible storage device like flash drives, external hard disk drives or card readers, which will allow you to access files on those devices without needing to install drivers or software.

Q: Does this OTG Cable let me control my DJI Spark via Bluetooth?

A: No, it does not. This OTG Cable is only designed to allow you to update the DJI Spark firmware and also charge its battery at the same time. You will still need to use your smartphone or tablet’s Wi-Fi connection in order to control your drone.

Q: How do I go about updating my DJI Spark with this OTG Cable?

A: First remove props from the drone and attach propeller guards on all four motors. Then attach the OTG cable (Micro USB port) securely on your phone/tablet’s USB charging port and make sure the other end of the OTG cable is plugged into one of the receivers using included tri-wing screwdriver. Use a different USB power source than what you’re using to charge your phone/tablet.

Now you’re ready to go! Hold the take-off button on your remote control while powering up the drone. The DJI Spark will automatically connect to this cable and start updating its firmware, after which it will start charging. Disconnect the OTG Cable once the battery is fully charged or when auto-disconnection kicks in (after about 1 hour).

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