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Best Drones For Agriculture Spraying

This is the age of technology and drones are an important part of technology. We are using drones for various purposes in daily life like vlogging, photography, delivering items, and much more. Many drone companies have also been invented drones for agriculture. Since the day farmers started using drones in farming, Life has become easy for them

The first man risen upon the earth, the acquisition of food has been a primary necessity of his life. Initially, it was limited to fruits and herbs, which later on turned to be more in demand with variety in taste and priorities. With this thought, the concept of farming emerged as one of the fundamental adaptations.

Today, in the era of technology, it’s been taken to a step ahead. The method of providing fertilizers and pesticides had been carried for a long by farmers.

To reduce human efforts, a revolutionary change has been adopted. This is the use of ‘agricultural drones’ for spraying fertilizers, pesticides, and more in less time with higher efficiency. This could be the best addition to farming accessories, with a lot of ease and comfort. Small drones are easy to use and handle for farming purposes.

People are using flying toy drones and drones for making videos for youtube as well.

Drone flying over crops

Types of drones used in agriculture

Well, there are many drones that farmers using for farming. we cannot cover it all at once. To make it convenient for you, we have listed the top 3 agricultural drones with their descriptions and features.

We will write about other agriculture drones as well in our upcoming blogs.

DJI Agras MG-1

The most advanced and latest model of agricultural Dji drone in the industry at the moment. It is highly trusted and recommended due to its striking performance. Here are the features of DJI Agras MG 1, that make it stand out from the rest of the DJI agriculture drones.


  • It can carry up to 10kgs of liquid chemicals to spray.
  • The magnificent power can cover 4000-6000 meter squares of the area in just 10 minutes.
  • It is comprised of an efficient cooling system with a perfectly locked sealed body to avoid dust particles and pollutants entering in central body and causing malfunctioning.
  • For additional protection, the aircraft is provided with a filter to remove external particles creating trouble.
  • The aircraft has a remarkable memory. It can restart from across the same point of the field where it was paused due to manual control or any disruption. Hence, it saves one from the fuss of respraying the same area of land and saves liquid chemicals from being wasted.
  • There are three functioning modes available in the Agras MG-1, the smart mode which works best for those who lack preferable knowledge about the software. It can be set up easily and thus makes it easy to use.
  • The second one is the manual plus mode which allows users to plan flight along with the irregular field shapes. It can also be set up as a smart mode.
  • The third one is a manual mode which is completely controlled by the user. The operator authorizes the navigation with all the controls in the manual.


Besides, its multifunction role, the price mentioned is worth it. The price of MG-1 is $5,998.


This device is an extraordinary product by DJI. It is a very standardized version of the previous V1 series with a lot of advancements and improvements in the system.

 To know more about its working and specifications, let’s have a review of its features.


  • It can carry a maximum weight of 6kg with a payload of 1.45kg.
  • The supersonic battery allows operational flights for a very long time with a moderate temperatures range.
  • The safety of drone is enhanced by strong air sense technology that immediately warns about the presence of an airplane or flying object near the aircraft.
  • V2 drones have been equipped with the technology to be visible in low light conditions such as at night. It offers a safer experience for the drone.
  • The drone has been provided with the ‘local data mode’. It keeps user’s data safe by preventing drone connection with the internet and saving any information.
  • Additionally, the drone alsocontains ‘256-bit encryption‘, which ensures complete security of the data.
  • The drone casing has been done in the finest way and there is nothing wrong with the structure of aircraft. The drone fits tighter in the case making it more obvious to stick together.
  • DJI has brought protection- plan for the aircraft. It means if within the first year of purchase, the aircraft get subjected to either malfunction or broken down due to any reason, the company will provide you with the replacement twice a year.
  • This is no doubt an incredible approach allowing users to get a replacement with a very little amount of fee.


The PrecisionHawk V2 has a quite low price as compared to the Agras MG-1. It costs USD $2049.

SenseFly eBee SQ

This agricultural drone is amongst one of the best drones for agriculture, the most easy-to-use, and reliable aircraft. It is equipped with some uniquely designed specifications that make its use not only convenient but also adds to the precision functioning.


  • It is a fixed-wing drone that can hundreds of acres within a single flight. The manufacturers say that it can cover more than thirty thousand missions in a single day.
  • The multispectral camera can provide insight images of crop conditions.
  • The drone has a slightly larger frame and an enhanced structure but still, its airframe weigh only 1.1 kilograms.
  • SQ’s efficient battery allows it to fly for around  55 minutes that is a sufficient amount of time.
  • It helps yield more crops as it keeps a close eye on crop health. It reduces manpower usage and allows much productivity within a short period.
  • The flight requires a manual setup and then the system can decide an easier route to cover the flight within the shortest possible time.


The company demands a price of USD $10,990. The price is far from the above-mentioned products but the functionality and features are worth buying.

Agricultural usage of drones

Conclusion about these drones used in agriculture

If you are planning to buy any of the above drones for agriculture, make sure to get through detailed information about their working and functioning.

You should very careful in buying technology-related products and especially when it comes to drones because a slightly mistaken decision can cause you a great loss of money.

Try buying a product that suits well with your handling abilities; the one which you find easier to use. Also, go through a pilot training for drones session before getting started with the practical operation of aircraft. You can also look for other indoor drones.

Once you feel confident about your skillsets in relevant experience, you can start playing with manual functioning. At any time of usage, if you experience any trouble in working with the product, feel free to contact the manufacturing companies. They will guide you to a better solution with precision.

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